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Poperinge - known for its hops

Our region has several reasons to visit. Popering is the Belgian center for hops and beer.
Hops (botanically known also as humulus lupulus) belongs to the hemp family. The plant is also used in pharmaceuticals (for preparing sleep-inducing pills and to counter side effects of the menopause) and hop shoots are served in the finest restaurants.

The Municipal Scales house the Hop Museum, a fine example of industrial archaeology. Hops were here formerly controlled, weighed and stocked prior to delivery to the breweries. The existing museum was expanded in 2006 with an industrialtype annex housing the museum shop and reception. The collection was reviewed and updated, audiovisuals, scale models, historic documents and quiz stands were added. The story of this unique building and that of local hop growing, past and present is what the Hop Museum reveals

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Hop plants

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